Standing on the shoulders of Giants

As a kid, I was not really taught anything about finance or money management, but my mum put this idea of saving in me when I was around ten. Interest rate for savings during the 80’s was as high as 10%. She opened a children’s savings account for me and put a few dollars in it just to get started. When the interest was calculated at the end of a period, I was elated to see that the balance on my account had increased.
Fortunately, through the ups and downs in life, that habit of saving stays with me. But saving up, however hard and seemingly impossible, is just half the story.
There have been numerous sites on how to be financially savvy. How to make your money work hard and harder. But I did not really pay much attention to it, until a couple of years ago, when Mr Money Mustache was featured on the newspaper Globe and Mail . That’s when it dawned on me about the concept of FIRE (Financial Independent Retire Early).
To be honest, considering the age that we are in, and how much we have got so far, it’s hard to imagine we can achieve RE, although there is still hope for the FI part 😉
There’s still a whole lot of catching up to do. Kinda like a ship sailing towards the shore, we could only see white fluffy clouds at the horizon, unlike Mr Money Mustache, Financial Samurai, jlcollinsnh, Millennial Revolution, Mr Tako Escapes , Go Curry Cracker, and many, many more of the FIRE crowd, who have long reached the shore and dancing around the bonfire of joy and freedom!! 🙂
Regardless, we appreciate a lot what the FIRE crowd has done in helping us to search for that light of salvation, of direction to self-fulfillment, to give me a kick in the b*tt to wake me up to a kind of life that seems illusive even in the best of times.